Change of plan – Green Bottle Blue Tarantula

So, what I had planned on posting on this here blog was information on all my friends, one by one, in order of when I got them. However, this photo came out so well that I really had to share it first!

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Meet Coco – Brazilian Black Tarantula

“Coco” is my Brazilian Black Tarantula (Grammostola Pulchra). Of all my current exotic pets, I’ve had Coco the longest. She has got an approximate leg span of 6″ (15cm) and being around 6 years old now she probably won’t grow much bigger. When I first got her she was still a juvenile and measured a mere 1″ (2.5cm) so I’ve been with her for quite a few molts.

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I have been keeping exotic pets for around 6 years now. Throughout that time have kept and lost many different, spiders, insects and arachnids. I will post pictures and information on all of my current friends and any new ones I gain along the way. I’ve always been interested and fascinated with bugs and arachnids and this is my way of sharing the interest. I’ll add contact details so if anyone wants to, go ahead and Bug Me!