Change of plan – Green Bottle Blue Tarantula

So, what I had planned on posting on this here blog was information on all my friends, one by one, in order of when I got them. However, this photo came out so well that I really had to share it first!

This is my Green Bottle Blue Tarantula (Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens). Well, I say she’s mine, its really my 12 year old Sons, but she sits in my collection. I really love the colours in this tarantula, just so vibrant. This species comes from Venezuela, which means it is a new world species. I will cover off new and old world in a future post, so watch out for that one if you are unsure.

You can see from the pictures that this species really likes to cover everything in web, in fact in the wild it will create webs in fissures or burrows to hide in. It can’t be considered docile, and generally isn’t an aggressive species, but they are skittish and jumpy and so are more defensive than other species. This can’t really be considered a beginner species in my opinion as they can be very quick when they want to be and will bite if cornered.

This one likes things to be warm and dry. The temperature for housing should be between 20 and 26° and the humidity should be around 30 to 50%. It tends to stay inside its web house and only really comes out when it needs to feed, so although this is an amazing looking T, you have to look closely (sometimes hunt depending on the enclosure) to see it. This guy has been a great feeder thus far, generally eating one to two crickets a week since we got him. he has also grown very quickly, from the 3cm legspan when he came, he is now around the 7cm mark and it has only been just a couple of months. Generally these guys can grow to around 11 to 12cm (4.5″).

People are often surprised when I tell them the lifespan of tarantulas. The average for Males is only around 4 years, but females can live till they are 30 to 35 years of age, if well looked after. This particular species averages are 4 years for males and around 12 to 13 for females. This is why Tarantula keepers are happier when they discover their T’s are female!! Being one of the more photogenic species I expect you’ll see a lot more of this one in future posts….


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