Two on a post for one….

So, because of the similarity in todays two species i’ve decided to add them both to the one post. Namely my Chile Rose Hair (Grammostola Rosea) and Chile Red Zebra (Grammostola sp Concepicon). Both of these Tarantulas originate from, yes you guessed it, Chile. The desert and scrub areas of Chile to be precise.

These are a terrestrial species, so require more wandering space than height. They prefer quite a dry substrate, an open water dish gives enough humidity for them. For heat, a heat pad to raise the temperature to 24 to 27°.

They are widely considered to be one of the most docile of tarantulas in the pet trade, however their personalities can vary widely. I have been very lucky, and these are two of my friendliest. Although I prefer not to handle any of my Tarantulas for fear of dropping or hurting them, I am easily able to hold these guys. There is also still the risk of being bitten, as with any tarantula and these guys are a new world species, so have urticating hairs. It is important to remember that all tarantulas are venomous, but not poisonous. The majority of Tarantula venom is only as strong as a bee sting, however you need to watch out for infection and allergies if you are unlucky enough to get tagged.

Although mine are a healthy 4″ legspan each, this species can easily reach 5 to 6″. As far as lifespans go, Males are of an average 4 years, however females can reach 20+ years in captivity. Oddly I don’t have many videos of these guys feeding, but they can be quite fussy and can easily go 6 months with no food. Here is a video of my rose hair ignoring a cricket – Uninterested Rose Hair.

Enjoy the photos all…..


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