Old world and new world

So, I seem to remember saying I would cover off the difference between old and new world species in my first post, so here goes.

Basically New world species are ones found in the Americas (north and south) as this is the newly discovered world. Old world are Europe, Asia, Africa etc.

The main difference when we talk about tarantulas are old world species do not have urticating hairs, their main defence is their bad temper and fangs. New world species are generally less likely to bite (although there are some rule breakers) and are more likely to kick off their urticating hairs to fend off any attackers and if that doesn’t work will run.

so, in summary, new world = less aggressive but have urticating hairs, old world = no urticating hairs, but will bite without hesitation (like Suarez or Tyson).

I currently don’t have any old world tarantulas in my collection, however it is Christmas and I may have asked Santa for some new pets (who knew Santa stocked exotics?!), so watch this space!!



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