Movie star Tarantula….

So, time to meet a movie star, although getting a signature could be an issue. Well, ok, this spider in particular isn’t a movie star but the species definitely is.

Remember when Indiana Jones got crawled on by loads of tarantulas? Well they were Mexican red knee’s. Also, the spider that Buzz owned in Home Alone, that was also a red knee (although it mysteriously changed into a chile rose hair when placed on Marv’s face). There was also a Mexican red knee in the music video for nightmare, by Avenged Sevenfold, a ridiculous falsehood, they are not a nightmare!! Anyway, enough of my nerd movie and music knowledge and back to my nerd Tarantula knowledge.

Again, i’m saying mine, but this one is actually my youngest sons tarantula that sits in my collection cause he is too young to care for it himself. I say it, cause i’m not sure whether this is a male or a female yet. As with all Taratulas, I will be hoping for a female, mainly because the life span is so much longer. Males of this species can live for up to 10 years, females from 25 to 30 years. As the name might give away, this species (latin name – Brachypelma Smithi) is from Mexico, the pacific coast.

The reason this species has been used in movies etc is its nature. They are known as a very calm and docile species and are a very good starter Tarantula, hence why I have one for my 7 year old son. They do have urticating hairs due to being a new world species, and are willing to kick is disturbed, but as long as you aren’t silly with them you’ll be ok. They are also fairly easy to look after. As long as you keep an open water dish in the tank, keeping the humidity at around 50-60% and maintain a standard 21-26° then your spider should stay healthy. Mine has been a very good eater in the 7 months I have had it, eating 1 to 2 crickets or cockroaches every week.

This isn’t my first Red Knee, I had one before that died, although I have no idea why, but they are spiders and it can be very difficult to tell the reasons. I did manage to take a video of my first not eating a dubia cockroach while I had it though, You can watch it here. And now I have a new juvenile, this one you can watch eating – here.

Lastly, my son wouldn’t be happy with me if I didn’t tell you his pets name, this one is called Stripe!


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