Some new additions…

Its Christmas!!!! Well, almost.

My wife and kids thankfully know me very well and have bought me some new additions to my insect family from These need to be ordered well in advance of Christmas, for one, the temperature for delivery needs to be right and also, Royal Mail don’t deliver on Christmas day! I Often wonder if the Post man wonders what he is delivering to my house, all these boxes with live specimen and fragile stickers on them.

So, this year I have been shown a lot of love in the form of 10 new tarantula slings and 1 new scorpling. This post is dedicated to them. In no particular order;

  1. Orange Bitey Thing (Pterinochilus murinus) – This is an old world species, so no urticating hairs, but with that comes a bad temper and this is one of the worst. Its real name is an Orange Baboon Tarantula (OBT), but they have a reputation, and so Orange Bitey Thing is more common, and appropriate.
  2. Fort Hall Baboon (Pterinochilus lugardi) – Another old world species, the Fort Hall has a temper worth avoiding! Although I appear to now have one, so what do I know! Not as bitey as number 1, but still not to be fiddled with or taken for granted.
  3. Asian Fawn (Chilobrachys huahini) – The third old world species I got, this one is no where near as bad as the past two for aggression, although still not cuddly.
  4. Haitian Brown (Phormictopus cancerides) – This one is a new world species, although still very aggressive. Can you see a pattern here, I really wanted some aggressive pets to study and look after! This one is a beauty, very hairy and very dark.
  5. Antilles Pinktoe (Avicularia versicolor) – An arboreal (tree dweller) bright coloured new world species, this is a striking sling and grows into an even more stunning adult. Right now its 1cm of bright blue 8 legged awesomeness!
  6. Yellow Banded Pinktoe (Avicularia aurantiaca) – Another arboreal new world species, although not quite as bright as the versicolor. This one is a browny grey Tarantula with yellow knees.
  7. Trinidad Chevron (Psalmopoeus cambridgei) – Yet another arboreal new world species. Once adult this one is a nice shade of yellowish green. An interesting fact about this one is its venom is a source of Psalmotoxin which may be of therapeutic use in patients suffering from a stroke.
  8. Singapore Blue (Lampropelma violaceapes) – Although still arboreal, this one is an old world species. It is very quick and incredibly aggressive, however not when its as small as the one I have. The species is a striking electric blue colour, although it does like to hide.
  9. well, 9 and 10 really. Pumpkin Patch (Hapolopus sp. (Columbia)) – This species is a new world terrestrial species, however will burrow if the conditions are correct. It is a dwarf species of which there are two variations. One grows between 3 to 4″ and the other only grows to around 2″.
  10. well, 11. Desert Hairy Scorpion (Hadrurus arizonensis) – Not a dangerous species of scorpion, but definitely an aggressive one. So far this little guy has taken down a dubia cockroach the same size as him and a strong banded cricket with no touble at all! He is a beast for his tiny size. Although he will grow to be 4″ of pure aggression! Love it!

So, there you go, that is my Christmas 2016 gift! Not for everyone, but totally the best present for me! I will write more about each of these guys in their very own posts in the future, but for now only two weeks to go, so, Merry Christmas everyone, when it comes!


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