Its cute cause its blue! Yeah?

This little guy is my Antilles Pinktoe (Avicularia Versicolor) spiderling, it is also known as the Martinique Red Tree Spider, which may seem a bit strange looking at it, but all will be explained. Just look at it, how cute is that! It is only about 1cm across just now, so nowhere near large enough to be able to sex it yet. It is an arboreal tarantula and spends most of its time in the trees of  Guadeloupe, Dominica and Martinique. They spin elaborate funnel like webs and sit in them waiting for prey items to stroll past close enough for them to eat. While they are spiderlings they stay a bright blue colour with a black bark type pattern on their abdomen, to camoflage themselves. However, as they get older the carapace turns green, the abdomen red, and the legs turn green with pink tarsi and a covering of purple hairs.

In terms of care, this species can be quite awkward, they need high humidity and high ventilation with a highish heat depending on your home country. So we need to look at around 25 to 30° and a humidity of 70 to 80%. Also, any old food stuffs etc should be removed as any mould or mildew could prove fatal to the Tarantula. Even with the delicate balance needed to care for them these Tarantulas are still classed as being  good beginner species, this is due to their docile nature. They can, if required, move very quickly and can jump (in any direction) around 30cm when fully grown. This is also the sole genus to hav type 2 Urticating hairs, making it slightly different to other new world species. Instead of kicking the hairs off of their abdomen, they instead choose to press them into possible attckers.

I have only had this one a week and as such I don’t have many photos and videos. It is however feeding well, and I bought some flightless fruit flies (contradiction) as a new food stuff for all my spiderlings. I was feeding Bean Weevils, but I lapsed concentration and didn’t start a new colony, so they all perished. You will, most definitely see more of this guy in the future!!


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