Molts and photos update…

Some new molts to share (although no pictures of the skins).

So along with the molts that I shared with you in my last post (Here),┬áthere have also been some more. The new molts were very small and so i decided not to share photos of the skins, however I have taken photos of the “dried out” spiders instead (which I think you will agree, are much more interesting to look at). In case you were unsure, the term “dried out” refers to the spiders exoskeleton. When a spider molts it pushes off its old exoskeleton and the new skin that is underneath is fresh, still raw, and needs to harden. Hence, “drying out”.

So firstly here are photos of the spiders mentioned on my previous post. The Asian Fawn, Haitian Brown and Fort Hall baboon are all of a similar size, around 1 inch legspan. The Mexican Red Knee is around 3 Inches across, so still a juvenile and got a way to go before it is fully grown.

And now the newest molts. As you can see from the size of the dried out size the molts from the majority of these tarantulas were tiny. The Avicularia Versicolor (tiny blue one that you can only see its butt) is now around 3/4 inch, the A.Franki (which is technically a true spider not a tarantula) is now around 1 inch and the Pumpkin Patch, (number 1, as I have 2 thanks to the freebie from, is now around 1/2 an inch. However as you can see my Greenbottle Blue also molted, and she, (well as far as I could tell from the decimated molt its a female, this will be confirmed next time), is around the 3 to 4 inch mark. I had to take 2 photos of this one, cause its incredible.

And here are a couple that molted a couple of weeks back, and I simply forgot to update onto the blog. both of these are again around the half inch mark with the Salmon Pink being ever so slightly larger than the OBT. Even at this size and age the OBT is skittish and attempted to give me a nip on the palm of my hand when I was moving it into its new larger home. I didn’t plan to handle it, however it decided it fancied a run over my hand and arm.

That’s it for this update, I will get another information post up about one of my friends today or tomorrow. Also there are some new friends coming next week, again thanks to! Peace out!



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