3rd largest in the world…

As promised, here is the next of my data posts, this time for one of my spiderlings, the Salmon Pink Bird-eater (Lasiodora parahybana).

This species of tarantula can grow to a massive 11 inches in legspan. Originating from Brazil, it is a new world terrestrial species, hiding under leaf litter or logs etc and ambushing its prey. Prey items are predominantly large insects and small lizards/ amphibians and although they are known as a bird eating species there isn’t evidence to suggest this is actually the case.

They are a nervous species which can make them skittish and being from the new world they have urticating hairs that they will kick towards threats. However, considering their size, they are a fairly docile species and can be easily cared for in captivity. They are a common species in the pet trade because of their size and overall look, helped by the fact that females can lay lots of eggs, recorded at a maximum of 2000 per egg sack. This is a fast growing species and even though I’ve only had mine for a few months it has already molted twice and has needed rehoused into a larger enclosure already.

Temperature wise, they like it to be between 24 and 28° and being from an area in Brazil with high moisture prefer a high humidity of between 70 and 80%. Obviously anything can happen to inverts to cause them to die inexplicably, however hopefully this species will live to grow for a long time and become nice and large in my care. Here are some pics since I’ve had it, all be it a very small sling!

That’s all from me tonight, it is now 2 am where I live and I need some sleep, peace out!




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