I Love Blue Species…

Todays blog entry was due yesterday, but better late than never! Here is some information about my Singapore Blue Tarantula (Lampropelma violaceopes).

The featured image on todays post is the only photo I have of this guy or gal, it is a very secretive species and as soon as I put it into its new home it disappeared below the cork bark I had in there for it and buried itself into a burrow and I haven’t seen it since. I do know it is still healthy and eating though, as every time I put insects in they disappear too. So they must be going somewhere!

Unsurprisingly, this is a blue species of Tarantula from Singapore. It is arboreal, that is it lives on trees, in very humid and warm areas. It is a very large species growing to a massive 9 inches at times. Humidity for these guys should be between 80 and 90%, although they will survive periods where this drops as low as 60%. The areas where they are found are of quite uniform temperatures and as such they should be kept around the 25.5°-27.8°C mark. It is an old world species, so doesn’t have urticating hairs, however it does have a defensive disposition and will either run, or go into threat posture and try and bite if scared. Hopefully i’ll get more shots of this guy in the future, for sure when I rehome it. It is a species which displays sexual dimorphism, this means the Males and Females have different looks when they are adult. The Female becoming a lot more vibrant blue, this combined with the additional lifespan of female Tarantulas means I am obviously hoping for this one to be female. It will take a long time to find out though.

I do love blue tarantulas and have a few difference species now, I have shared the A Versicolor with you already and will share the rest in time.



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